Monday, February 24, 2020

food presevation

HI everyone this is for science it's all about how to look after your food or save it. our teacher for that period gave us some questions to answer and the group answered them we put all the way to save food. how much energy the food gives us how to preserve food if you want to look though the slides you can.

hope you like it. what do you do to save food?


Hello everyone how are you today I hope you are good? Miss Birtch put me in a group with 2 other people a year 7 and a year 8. We had to pick a native bird from New Zealand. We picked MorePork its and owl. We found some fact and put the on the google drawing we did ↑.

I hope you like. what do you know about MorePork?

Fryed eggs and toast

What I had for breakfast

  • Pan
  • You need eggs 
  • Toast 
  • Plate 

  • Topping (your choice)
  • peanut butter,margarine,marmite,jam,mayo
  • Eggs (your choice on how many)

  1. Medium heat so like 144-508
  2. Put the toast in the toaster 
  3. Flip the eggs when it starts bubbling
  4. Take the toast out the put on plate 
  5. Then put the egg on top 

In the process of cooking the eggs do not burn the house down and don’t burn the eggs or yourself and do not put a fork in the toaster and make sure you have parent supervision.

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Friday, February 14, 2020

Who are we hurumanu

Hello fellow human's welcome back to another blog. Today we are doing Maori history...

The Maori people come from Hawaiki but no one knows where Hawaiki is they think it was a island of Tahiti.

They rowed a waka to New Zealand and all around the ocean of New Zealand.

Maori took dogs and rats to New Zealand and they ate the eggs of moa.

It was too cold to grow food so the ate sea food.

Maori and Moriori have the same DNA because they come from the same people

oa become extend because of the Moari ate them all and  rats and dogs and their eggs.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

CARR Values

Hello everyone how are you today? for 3 hour 3 days we have been doing this my group choose resilience. It was a great choice because we have a plain down for it we decide to make a video it was about someone who was getting left out and two people were being rude then one was being nice and telling them not to be rude. So the nice person went over and ask if they were ok and help her out the she went back and told them she was nice so then they decide to give her a chance and the hang out.


Have a great day bye.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Mars facts

Hello fellow human's I hope you are doing good today hope you are good? We have been learning  about Mars from yesterday and today we did facts about mars. All the facts above are about Mars of around mars but I hope you like the facts about Mars.

I hope you have a great day/night bye bye. 😊

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Martian

Hi everyone we have been watch a movie called The Martian it seemed like a good movie and it was i really liked it it was so good it for science.

So the movie is about people going to mars 2 girl and 4 male I think ?? so they go to mars for think things and there was a sand storm  and they all got to the ship but mark didn't they thought he died... but he didn't.

The next day he woke up and he had this thing stuck in his stomach so he tried to walk but he pulled it but I was connected to something then he cut it and he walked back to the place and stapled himself  they stayed and he video him self being there.

he found out how much food he had so he found away to make more food so he made potatoes but he had to make a fire to make the walls to water to wet the ground.

Then a few weeks later he found away to talk with people on earth with a robot then he could talk to them on the computer and the found out he was ok.

then he started travelling we couldn't use the heater or else he freeze so he took the exploding thing then he made it and the people who first went there  are going back to save him.

he was in space and then he said he would become super man they said no but they couldn't get to him then he become superman and he got saved and come back to earth.