Friday, September 25, 2020


 Hello everyone we had to pick a story. We had find the theme or moral of the story I decide to pick snow white because it has an important message in it. I know a little bit about snow white well I hope you like it enjoy bye.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

New Book-Boy

Well for starters I can tell that its about a boy in his childhood it also looks like he gets bullied or he pranks people because there in a slingshot and a mouse and maybe that the book is going to tell us about his childhood and what happen in it.

 Hello everyone for next term we are reading novels I pick to read boy from Roald Dahl we need to pick two activates to do my first one is going to be to open a random page read it and tell you something funny or interesting about it.

I got 84 the thing I found interesting was how they worded it they  made it like he was staggering to speak or couldn't talk or maybe even scared but it also had a little note in it and it was pretty cool.

The next one I am going to pick is what impression does the cover of the book give you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Drama-What We Did In Our New Class

Drama script   We also played some games last week we did. One word story, freeze on the spot, walking around, walk the talk, 16 steps and seven up 

Monday, September 21, 2020

Characterization-The Ginger Bread Man

 Hello everyone today in class we watch the ginger bread man story and my teacher gave her class questions to answer so here we go.

In the ginger bread man is the protagonist in the story because its all about him and they follow him around and talk about him but we also have the antagonist watch is many characters 1 the old lady 2 the old man 3 the cow 4 the horse 5 the pig 5 the chicken 6 the fox. These six characters are the antagonist so the one ageist the main character.

What type of character is the ginger bread man? He is a hes a mix to me I think he is a flat and round character because a flat character doesn't change much and the ginger bread man doesn't change much at all he still stays the same cheeky ginger bread man. Hes also a little bit of a round character because hes mood and himself changes with the fox.

Direct characterisation about the old lady and man? Well they told us about the old man say the he works in the garden and outside most of the day. About the old lady well they tell us they she is inside all day cooking and cleaning then we shes done have nothing to do.

Indirect about the ginger bread man? By his actions I can tell he cheeky by running away I can also tell near the end he gets a bit tired and stops for a little so a little lazy. He also doesn't trust people that well and last one hes rude because he make fun of the other animals.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Character Meaning

 Hello everyone today I finished my character work so we had to found out what the character meanings mean here's mine.


Hello everyone how are you? today we were working on looking at shapes. We had to talk about the shape then match up the shape to the description so here is my work.


Hello everyone so for about 3 weeks now we have being doing business and enterprise, for a short way to say it B+E.

For B+E we got put into groups my group includes Carla, EJ, Ruben and I so we couldn't have a group with the same year like 4 times of 3 times and we could have the same class 4 or 3 time in one group. So in my group we have 2 year 7 and 2 year 8 and for the class we have 2 BH and 2 DS. We also got put with a teacher my teacher was Mr Collins. My company in called Gift Pride or GP.

The product my group is making is pride flags and pride bracelets and we are putting them in a little box and then selling them. We are up to making the poster and doing the money for buying things for it or work. Our next steps are to buy the stuff and start working on getting our stuff done for the box. 

The most excited thing for B+E is selling it and seeing how much money we get for selling the box.

Hope you have a good day and the people who going to market day see you then.

This is what im hoping my product will look.